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By SEGA Networks

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By: SEGA Networks

Meet the Developers: Hardlight & Demiurge

The work of game developers is so commonly driven by an intense passion for the medium. This truth is often immediately apparent when playing a game, as if a studio’s love for its project is as tangible as the buttons of a controller. What about the team’s other passions, though? What do they do once they’re outside the walls of a studio?

We sat down with members of two different studios to get a better sense of their extended interests as well as this “world beyond games” we keep hearing about.


Cheyenne from Demiurge

Interns are often thought of as people with a lot to learn, but Cheyenne is both swift in her work and likely able to teach you a thing or two. Aside from working as a game designer at Demiurge Studios, Cheyenne enjoys spear fishing and practicing mixed martial arts. She likens both to intricate, real-life video games because they require immense proficiency with specific skill sets. We wonder if she knows any ultra combos …


David and Simon are teammates, through and through. When their office lights are on at Hardlight, David balances QA and music composing duties while Simon creates 3D characters. When the stage lights are on, they make up half of Elevenmilesbetween, a pop rock band in Birmingham that’s keen on getting guitar hooks and choruses stuck in your head.

Cheyenne, and David and Simon are perfect examples of how our passion can branch in wildly different directions from the roots of a shared love for games. We’ll share more stories from our team members as this blog develops, so make sure to check back later on and learn more about what they love to do beyond studio walls!

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