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By: SEGA Networks

Meet Sabaa, Master of Teamwork, Deadlines and the Outdoors

Remember the last time you beat a game and saw a hundred names scroll by in the credits? Imagine trying to coordinate that many party members in a game like Shining Force or Sonic Dash – it’s a testament to how vital communication is within teams of that scale. Fortunately, Sabaa, lead product manager at SEGA, is so skilled with planning initiatives she jokingly likens it to professional cat herding.

Sabaa works with numerous marketing, consumer insight and publishing teams across SEGA to craft mobile games that nail SEGA’s unmistakable charm and align with its iconic library’s legacy. Balancing the needs of multiple teams can be challenging, but she finds the satisfaction in curating what SEGA creates for players worth every last conference call.

As Sabaa helps guide projects, she uses SEGA’s storied history with building distinctive, alternative experiences. To her, continuing SEGA’s knack for designing incomparable experiences is as second nature as hitting a dozen deadlines in the same day.

As wonderful as the world of gaming is, Sabaa takes plenty of breaks from exploring virtual worlds to enjoy the real one through hiking, camping and kayaking. She hasn’t discovered any power-ups just yet, but she’ll surely cover her future findings while leading the next staff meeting.