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Introducing Seasons to Sonic Forces: Speed Battle


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By: SEGA HARDlight

Introducing Seasons to Sonic Forces: Speed Battle

Introducing Seasons

We are always looking for ways to improve the game for our competitive players as well as our newcomers – so to do this, we decided to add a new feature, called Seasons

With Seasons we’re introducing more competition into the leaderboards, fairer and more generous Trophy distribution and many more rewards for all of your constant dedication. The higher the tier you reach, the better the rewards you collect at the end of the Season. Along with Seasons, brings the new Prestige Tiers, where the rewards get bigger and the stakes are even higher!


What are Seasons?

To enter a Season, become a Specialist runner by reaching Tier 4. Trophies will now be awarded more generously at the end of each battle. This allows you to reach the higher Tiers much more easily. 

Qualify for the Season reward by winning 3 battles, and you’ll be able to collect your reward at the end of the Season. Keep track of your Season’s progress at the top of the Tiers menu. Keep winning those battles to get a better reward! 

We are adding three additional Prestige Tiers starting at Master, Tier 8. At the end of the Season any additional Trophies earned in these Tiers are converted into Prestige Points, a permanent score for your profile. Your Trophy count will then reset back to 4000 when the next Season begins.


So, become one of the greats, and find yourself on the Prestige Hall of Fame!

Season 1 will begin soon so get ready to become a seasoned runner!

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  • Tarmony Braumandle says:


    I’m a Chromebook user and have been wanting to play this ever since the release but unable to due to it incompatibility with a chromebook device, Are you planing to fix this so that it is compatible?

  • jk says:

    most unfair score game ever!!!

  • Diane says:

    How many times do I need to earn over 5000 trophies before I reach Tier 9?

    • Skinny says:

      I want to know this too. Im so mad! 3 months now Ive been sent back to 4000 after hitting 5000+ with no explaination.

  • Humanarian says:

    The game has been up for a few years now and been doing quite nicely, I’d say! A simple, yet exciting gameplay, a lot of characters to choose from… But I have a question: will we ever get Infinite as the playable character in the game? I’ve been looking forward to it ever since I started playing, but, alas, it’s the end of 2019 and he’s not there yet.

    • SEGA HARDlight says:

      Hi! We announce any upcoming characters via our social channels – please stay tuned to them for any future character announcements.

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