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Introducing Seasons to Sonic Forces: Speed Battle


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By: SEGA HARDlight
SEGA Blog Manager

Improvements to Trophies

Sonic Forces: Speed Battle community – we have heard you. We are currently preparing a number of changes to the calculation of trophy gain and loss after a battle. We’ve received a great deal of feedback about the existing system and have two main objectives:

1 – Aim to better balance trophies earned and trophies lost.

We are aware that the current system feels particularly punishing to those players near the top of the leaderboard, as the benefits of multiple victories can be quickly undone by a loss. The changes will ensure that at the higher tiers, a loss and a win under the same circumstances will balance out.

2 – Improve the impact of trophy differences between players.

Though our recent matchmaking changes have made a significant improvement to trophy ranges being matched, we still see some battles at high tiers where a big gap has been unavoidable in order to find a match in a reasonable time. The changes should make sure that if one of these battles goes as expected (high-ranked players beat low-ranked players), relatively few trophies will change hands. However, the low-ranked players will stand to win a good deal more if they can win.

We will be implementing these changes on 7th February. In order to ensure that the top of the leaderboard remains active at this point, any players in Tier 7 at that time will have their trophy count reset to 3000. In addition, as thanks for your continued support all players in Tier 7 at that time will receive an Emerald Chest, and all players in Tier 6 will receive a Platinum Chest.

We are also working on a broader system to encourage ongoing competition at the top tier of play, and I hope to be able to share more information with you about that as it develops.

Thank you for your continued feedback, and happy battling!

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  • Rage says:

    Interesting yet not enough to impress me I think you need to add a system were players can go and hangout with players such as add a second mode but you need to make it so it is fast yet controllable and you can go we’re ever you want and I think this will make sonic great again ( his classic years)

  • Marko says:

    So there will not be golden chest cool because this sucks.That way I will upgrade Rare and Super Rare characters even faster.

  • Wavemania says:

    Please find a fix for the lag problem. Some matches lag and the controls become sticky so I always lose lagging matches although I have a fast internet connection at all times.

    • SEGA HARDlight says:

      Hi there, thank you for getting in touch. Could you please email the team at with more details of the lagging issue you are experiencing. Thank you very much for your help!

  • Sandro says:

    The game is excellent and addictive, however, in addition to the bugs (some crashes that force restart the app after playing some games (this when it does not close soon after starting the match) and the controls/powers that from time to times take to respond), there is also the problem of punishment for those who come in third or fourth place.

    Losing 15 trophies by coming in fourth place is a lot, hardly a casual user (who doesn’t stay the whole day playing) will be able to get to category 6 or 7. Many like me, that of 10 games played (example), 6 of them arrive in 2nd place and 2 in 1st, but when it loses, the few trophies won in the previous matches go too easy in 2 games, and it discourages enough to continue playing.

    In my humble opinion, this would be a fair classification:

    1st place (gold) – From 10 to 15 points (depending on opponents);
    2nd place (silver) – 7 points;
    3rd place (bronze) – From 2 to 0 points;
    4th place – From -1 to -6 points.

    Another point that should be taken into account (and that is asked by many) is the possibility of playing offline (with bots). This would be great for practicing on the most difficult tracks (mostly) or just to play when there is no internet available (obviously).

    So that’s it, a hug everyone, sorry for the bad English and thanks for the attention.

    • SEGA HARDlight says:

      Hi Sandro, Thanks for getting in touch!
      Thank you for the feedback regarding the recent changes to the trophies. I will let the team know your thoughts.
      Thank you also for your suggestion for the bots and the offline play – playing so you could practice the tracks is a nice idea!

      If you do ever experience any issues in the game please don’t hesitate to contact us. You can get in contact with us at 🙂
      Thank you again!

    • Segamegan says:


  • OutlawAndy says:

    I stopped playing this game a couple of months ago after an update to the matching and trophy reward algorithms resulted in me losing over 250 trophies and free falling from the middle, clear off the global leader board in a matter of hours. I was so pleased to read this update and feel like the developers of this game actually listened to player feed back. I was so excited to go back to the races today, Feb 7th, the day things were supposed to go back to normal. So I did, just now, and immediately lost 35 trophies in the first 2 races. You guys lie and I’m done with you. Thanks for ruining my favorite game

    • Andrew says:

      You’re just bad at the game, don’t blame developers because you can’t place top two! You can complain or you can get better, period

    • Sebastian Padilla says:

      Or your not trying your best

    • OutlawAndy says:

      Nobody asked you, troll.

      I’m still in Tier 6, after all of this. How about you?

    • Hyper Sonic says:

      Andy, if u played this game at all, u know that the leveling system gives you an advantage. By going inactive, u start to lose the advantage because other people lvl past you/the meta or strategy changes. (People start dropping traps in non-ideal places to throw off the best option, thereby becoming a new “meta” option.

      Also, if u stop playing, ur muscle memory is gonna lag when u start up again. Give it some time, u’ll climb. Play a bit everyday to maintain.

  • SHS says:

    Being someone who had been in and out of Tier 7 multiple times because of how harsh 3rd and 4th could be, I was hoping that this “balance change” would be more forgiving. But alas… it just made it even more punishing. Just because I have the most trophies by a considerable amount in a match doesn’t mean it’s guaranteed I will win. Anyone can steal a victory; whether it’s “fair” or not, it’s become the meta to never want to be in 1st until the final stretch.
    In regards the the new trophy system… to be quite frank, it’s become akin to communism. The goal seems to make a “balance,” so to speak, across all current players’ trophy counts, so as to bring up the low counts quickly and bring down the higher ranks. This isn’t fair at all… As it stands at this moment, there are only 38 people in Tier 7. And what would you know, all of them, except one, is still at 3000 after the reset. Most of the people who are in Tier 7 are there mostly due to the fact that they don’t play in matches anymore to avoid the inevitable: losing more than they can make up for.
    The reason why I likened the new system to communism is because, if everyone was actively playing, there would eventually be an apparent average and progression is halted by everyone else being lower.
    I want to believe that you developers care and are truly listening, but this change only hurts more…

    • SHS says:

      I would like to add that, before, both 1st and 2nd were safe spots, 2nd giving -1 even -2 to 2900+ trophies… Now, it truly embodies my “black and white,” “win or lose but nothing between” outlook: it is now possible to get -7 from 2nd place, the “Victory Chest” just being an insult. I don’t know the extent of this “balancing of trophies” is, but I’m certain that it’d be possible to get -18 even in 2nd.
      Racing against AI was a saving grace to make up for the harsh penalties and slow recoveries, giving the then minimum trophy amount: +4 in Tier 6, and +3 in Tier 7. But now, you don’t win anything. I suppose that’s okay… but now the only way to progress is to hope I’m matched with higher ranked players. That, however, is going to become increasingly unlikely, as the “risk-reward” factor is essentially 0.
      I considered just playing the Star Runner, but as things stand, the net loss will just continue to grow.

      I’ll just wait… constantly checking the News tab because the Discord server isn’t a place where someone like me is appreciated.

    • OutlawAndy says:

      Well said

    • Hyper Sonic says:

      Ok, dude. The inactive players issue can be solved by simply adding a decay rating for “inactivity.” This keeps it, stay active or lose rank. Look at grandmaster leaderboards in other games. That’s why they have decay ratings. So high level MMR players don’t sit on their laurels and hoard all the points. It’s just a matter of if they wanna or are capable of coding it.

    • SHS says:

      (who bothers reading these?)
      Hyper Sonic, I think you misunderstood. I’ve made the comparison of the new system to communism. This has the idea of “working for someone who chooses not to work.” As long as this system is in play, everyone who is active will eventually reach a dead zone where no one can go any higher. Adding a decay penalty for inactivity would’ve simply accelerated the process. It wouldn’t make any sense for a game to have a top tier that is inhabited by zero players. The problem isn’t that there are inactive players; it’s that the trophy system favors lower ranks way too much.
      Think I’m overly complaining? Like I’ve said, if this keeps up, everyone will be stuck in a single tier, and no one will be able to escape for long, ’cause no one is perfect.

  • Vantel says:

    This is the okay update but it doesn’t fix most of the jumps that’s hard to pull off like when going up a loop that got traps and still hit the traps, and trying to jump over a rail wall in the city stages. It does this every time on City hard stage and sky hard. Please fix it whenever a patch is ready.

  • Andrew says:

    This game is amazing so far but would it be possible to get my friends on a server so we can battle it out together in the same match? Would it be possible to make like a custom games loby/menu to send invites to people?

  • XanacanXIII says:

    I agree with most of the people here. The trophy “Fix” just made it more difficult for higher tiers. I am only in the 4th tier and I loose 7-20 for placing 4th and only win a maximum of 12

  • Vantel says:

    The chests that I get for winning is silver and gold. That’s good but the downside is the cards always go to characters that I maxed out already. It’s annoying to see it going to them. The waiting time is so long for a chest. Especially the emerald chest. That is a full day wait.

    • HyperSonic says:

      This could be better, especially if they aren’t planning on increasing/removing the level cap.

      💙 if level cap – don’t allow exp into already maxed characters, instead it goes to unmaxed characters. Rewards players for maxing.

      💙 if Future level increase – keep the same, or only allow leveling past max level after all common runners are maxed.

  • theGSeagle says:

    I think the trophy system could be balanced a bit better. I am tier 5 and almost near 6 and 4th place completely destroys all the trophies I got previously for coming 1st and 2nd. I believe the trophies should be balanced as below:
    1st: +12 to +20
    2nd: +4 to +7
    3rd: -3 to +1
    4th: -14 to -8
    This way third isn’t as punishing and 4th still makes you lose some trophies.
    Also I think it would be nice to add a friend system if possible, as the only way you can play with a friend in real life right now is if they are the same tier as you and you are lucky to match with them. You don’t get or lose any trophies when playing with friends it would just be for fun.

  • Sebastian Padilla says:

    Add infinite to the game!

  • Sebastian Padilla says:

    Why not he’s cool

  • Maasai Parker says:

    sonic games

  • stephenheart says:

    You can please add a way to play with friends? This this seems like a HUGE oversight.

  • HyperSonic says:

    💙 training mode/track select
    💙 custom game/friend inv
    💙 leaderboard decay rating
    💙 Chaos Emerald shards instead of trophies(its Sonic dudes) pretend the chaos emeralds got shattered and we have to collect them. (Make a heroes vs villains shard count available)
    💙 pay me my consultant fee or a portion of the company
    💙 etc… etc…

  • michael keenan says:

    We want to have fun playing without losing our precious trophies .
    Please apply a fixed trophy reward
    1st – 20 trophies
    2nd – 10 trophies
    3rd – 0
    4th – Minus 5 trophies

    At the moment nobody is in tier 7 as the guys at the top have no players above them – surely this should be fixed ,

  • Common player says:

    Please add more characters and give more cards to characters that need them instead to characters we have maxed out already.

  • Vantel says:

    Sega, if you’re reading this please fix the jumps in this game. Please just increase the height so I can jump over the walls and traps on Loops correctly.

  • SirIsaac2003MJ says:

    The balance of trophies change that you made is more punishing than what it was before. The only thing you did was double the amount of trophies lost and gained and it only takes a few matches in 4th place to lose over 100 trophies because there is hardly anyone that plays this game with over 2250 trophies and there is over 100,000 people that is in the rankings and there are about 600 people that are ranked in Tier 6 and Tier 7. Most people quit playing this game because of the difficulty it is to acquire trophies especially in the later Tiers, namely in Tier 5, Tier 6, and Tier 7. I believe it should be a set amount of where you are in the rankings and not where you are in the “trophy count” like this example:
    1st place: +20 trophies
    2nd place: +10 trophies
    3rd place: +0 trophies
    4th place: -5 trophies

    Then the power of explosive type attacks (Fire Boost, Explosive Mine, etc.) are too powerful… They literally make you immobile and is really hard to get back up to speed real quick, even after using a Boost after getting hit. You wind up falling way behind just by getting hit by one of them.

    Then some of the obstacles that you can or have to jump over, most of the time, you aren’t able to jump over it without hitting the obstacle.

    Then you have the max amount of trophies that a person can receive set at 3000 trophies. That is the amount of trophies that are required to get into Tier 7… One loss would cause you to move back into Tier 6. And there are only 31 people that are in that particular Tier. That is sad mainly because this game is in no competition with anyone else and you don’t get a reward for having the most trophies considering that it is well-known anyway that no one can get more than 3000 trophies.

  • A R Hardbody says:

    I would like to see a battle mode. Against a revel or a friend . Cuz my friends play but we would like to play together an it’s hard cuz we are all on different tiers and levels ….. That would put the icing on the cake !! If u do make this mode plus feel free to send me a check 🤗, job offer , free chest whateva two of those would be great

  • SirIsaac2003MJ says:

    I am currently still in Tier 6. I have been in Tier 6 for over 2 months and the loss that you endure in that tier is too great. I am not able to progress to Tier 7 with the current system of trophy points. When you lose between 20 and 27 points in 4th place and between 6 and 14 points in 3rd place, you cannot win enough in 1st and 2nd place together to make up for the loss, and in a lot of cases, you lose trophies in 2nd place as well. It is just not a fair system. I have worked hours and hours trying to progress to Tier 7 (3000 trophies) and I cannot progress. I can probably calculate over 9000 trophies in total that I have lost but I am currently just above 2250 trophies. I win pretty frequently, but according to the trophy points that I lost, it seems like I lose more than I gain.
    As time progresses, there is going to be higher and higher character and player levels within the confines of 1800 and 2400 trophies, which means it is getting harder and harder to advance and will wind up losing more and more trophies and eventually get to where there is no progression for anyone except for the minor few that manage to win 1st place all the time.
    Each battle is matter of chance no matter if someone you are up against someone who has about 1780 trophies and someone who has 2700 trophies. Someone’s going to be 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th, and if someone is going to win 1st all the time, everybody else is going to be either 2nd, 3rd, or 4th place. It is really hard to be in 2nd and 3rd places especially toward the end of the stages because everybody is really close together and I have been bombarded with power-ups (traps, attacks, and boosts) right at the very end of the stage and go from 1st to 4th place in the very last seconds of the speed battle.
    I really don’t see the use of boosts. Because everybody keeps the attack and trap power-ups in their inventory just so that they can get a speed boost. And, for someone like Vector, Knuckles, or Classic Sonic, their boost is pointless at that time. You may be invisible for a long time, but while you are invisible, everybody else is using speed boost after speed boost and overwhelming takes advantage of the invincibility slow boost speed. And if you are against other characters that have invincibility, then there won’t be any decrease in the distance between the two characters.
    There has been many times that I have used an attack or trap and I watch it many times that the opponent runs straight through the traps and is unaffected by its effects and characters jump around like jelly beans. It is hard to hit someone who is jumping around all the time. The question is how are they jumping around like that using an Android phone without running into obstacles?

  • SirIsaac2003MJ says:

    I may be wrong… It is possible to win more difficult battles by leveling up to the higher levels… Since I leveled up my player level today, I have won against people more frequently with higher trophy counts. I am sorry.

    The amount of trophies that I was losing at any given time was getting me upset. I continued to stay in Tier 6 even with all the trophies that I have lost. I have even went into Tier 5 and managed to surpass 2,250 trophies again and am now at 2,450 trophies.



  • Omar says:

    Thanks for this

  • Aqua says:

    Freezing needs to be adjusted. It is too weak. When you freeze someone, they still keep moving forward. Other attacks stop you in your tracks or (and) take an item. I’ve lost plent of races with Chaos in the final stretch because I freeze people and they slide straight into the goal without slowing down. You have to hope that you freeze someone into an obstacle. Even then, the recovery time from hitting an obstacle is way faster than getting hit by an attack. Freezing is the worst attack in the game by far.

    • Dayamm says:

      On the bright side, freezing disable your opponent from using items. My best attack is use it when there’s almost no obstacle in a way.

  • Dayamm says:

    I am currently tier 9. This update balancing the trophy is see here a way to tough to get trophies IMO. Also Sega should make a deal purchase some rare or super rare characters with rings. I farm so many rings now and red stars rings is not easy to get. The mission mode gives you some of it but it quite take forever to get it.

  • Dayamm says:

    Hey Sega, Please add Infinite in next update. Many Sonic Forces fan want him to be playable.. please grant their wishes.

  • Xapatex says:

    I am doing work for a school project and I was wondering… (JUST FOR RESEARCH PURPOSES)
    Is Sonic Force Speed Battle’s Golden Rings actually free when they come with the bundle?

  • Randy says:

    🤓🙄😆🙂☺😚😀😁We loved it

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