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Heroki: One amazing platform adventure game



When a powerful amulet is stolen from Heroki’s home village, players direct his remarkable devotion in hopes of getting it back. Of course, developer Picomy is no stranger to devotion itself; the Dutch studio’s four members mostly built Heroki in their spare time over the course of five years.

This relaxed, deadline-free pace allowed the team to find inspiration for their core mechanic within a carnival. After spotting a game that involved scoring goals with balls through the force of a water gun, Picomy become enthralled by the concept’s simplicity and found it to be a perfect match for touchscreen-oriented gameplay. The team associated a Heroki player’s touch with the direction of the wind, giving players a power of momentum similar to what was wielded in the carnival game.

Picomy’s goal of perfection led to developing the Picon Engine, a multi-platform option that’s written in C++. Having full control over the Picon Engine during Heroki’s development helped Picomy achieve its performance goals. And really, when you take the time to individually design each environment without directly duplicating assets, who can blame Picomy for targeting 60fps?

The mini documentary posted above offers a glimpse of the people within the studio; the team shares how they came to know each other, the games they’ve drawn inspiration from, and what they hope players can get out of the game. If you’d like to lend Heroki a hand, you can guide his colorful adventure with the tip of your finger on iPhone, iPad and Apple TV for $4.99.

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