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By: Danny

SEGA Forever FAQ: Getting Started

Need some help getting started with one of our SEGA Forever titles?

Well, fear not friend! We are here to help!


Where can I download SEGA Forever games?
SEGA Forever games are available to download for free on the App Store for iOS devices and Google Play for Android devices. That was an easy one… next!

What is the control system for my SEGA Forever game?
In most SEGA Forever games, you can locate your control settings by selecting the Settings menu and pressing Control Settings. Here you can see the control layout for Mobile Controls and Handheld Controls.


For Sonic The Hedgehog, please select the Help and Options menu, select Settings, then from the Settings menu press the Controls button. Here you can customize the D-pad. You can change the size of the D-pad, its opacity and its location on your device screen.

I am seeing adverts. Why is this?
SEGA Forever allows you to play the many SEGA games for free. Yes free! Zippo. Nada… There is also an option to remove the adverts within the game if you want to.

How do I save my SEGA Forever game?
SEGA Forever supports cloud saving. On most SEGA Forever games you will find a small Save icon in the top right hand corner of your device screen. Pressing this icon will give you access to the save options.


SEGAZINE is a feed full of wondrous information about all your favourite SEGA Forever games. Find out information that is not only enlightening, but also nostalgic and full of interesting finds, dug straight out of the SEGA vaults! Check out great posts from our team and our community!

You can find SEGAZINE on the title screen when you first open up any of your SEGA Forever titles! We hope you enjoy the thrilling and exciting read and of course, the inevitable trip back in time!

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  • Ricardosique says:

    После насыщенного смешивания, когда смесь получит должную однородность, ее оставляют «дозревать» на два ? три минутки ремонт крышки унитаза своими руками.

  • davidrobinsonyt says:

    Thank you SEGA for showing to play games with virtual gamepad with this handy guide.

  • jacob says:

    hi SEGA i want to tell you that i have an old SEGA Genesis game console
    and it still works there is 1 and 2 player remotes 2 player remote is missing but i have my 1 player remote and its not the problom just all you need is a TV and i got one also it kinda is a at@games console with SEGA games and some games save my data forever and some games (ex. snake from at@games)don’tsave data this is all i am telling you but before i am done i am going to show you remote controll keys up down left right a b c x y z menu start also i want to tell you this in the firecore (thats what they call the home screen as) if you want to launch a game you must be on the one you want then press “start” to launch it. thank you

  • Nick says:

    Is there not a way to use a USB gamepad to play these games?
    I plugged in my Sega Genesis controller by retrobit, but these games don’t seem to recognize it. Please update these games to support USB controllers.

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